Casting Tragedies and Triumphs
The Vancouver Sun has an article about the open casting call in Vancouver last Sunday:
"Tears and arguments broke out Sunday as hundreds of first nations teenagers from all over North America were turned away from a casting call for New Moon, the sequel to last year’s vampiric blockbuster Twilight."

On a good note, Anna Lynn McCord has confirmed that it is definitely a possibility that she will play Heidi in the New Moon movie.

Also, TV Guide got an interview with Sarah Clarke.

Seth has announced on Stephenie that The Twilight Saga, the official website for our favorite book series, has gotten a make-over.

4TNZ has another quiz: Are you a Cullen?

Clevver TV has a video about New Moon.

Even now, there is still new footage of the Twilight movie premiere, and this is the funniest by far:
I'm not kidding when I say that that is probably exactly what my reaction would be if I met Robert Pattinson.

Reelz Channel has an article about how the Twilight saga is helping the economy.

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