Coming to a Theater Near You
In an interview MTV TR3s posted, Cam Gigandet says he might make an appearance on December 12 in a theater near you. Click here to check out the interview.
Also, Stephenie Meyer's site was updated yesterday with information about the live feed from the Breaking Dawn Concert Series Event in L.A. tonight. "The live broadcast will start at 7:00pm PDT (10:00pm EDT), and as far as I know, this will be your last chance to watch one of the events. Remember, it can be viewed on or The NYC event last week was very good I would recommend tuning in."
Vampires and Slayers has posted an audio interview with Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Harwicke:

Bite of Twilight is having a shirt design contest!
Borders has posted their video coverage of the Breaking Dawn release excitement in New York.
The Twilight Lexicon had an interview with Ilyana Kadushin, who recorded the Twilight audio books.
The LA Times has posted some pictures of Kristen Stewart in some of the movies she's been in, including Twilight. They have also posted Twilight related pictures here.
And last, I couldn't help it. Though my Twilight fan side reigns supreme, I'm still a bit of a Harry Potter fan. I know this is a Twilight fansite, but I thought you might like to check out the Twilight Movie's competition:

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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