Countdown to Eclipse
Now that the New Moon movie is out, the excitement for Eclipse is really picking up, and not just for the fans. The cast and crew are excited too (hey, that rhymes)! Here are Eclipse interviews with some of them from MTV:
Click here to read the rest of this interview.

And here's an article from E! Online about the Eclipse movie.

So without further ado, let the countdown to Eclipse begin!

But just because everyone is getting excited for Eclipse now doesn't mean that the excitement over the success of New Moon is starting to wane. In fact, Rob and Kristen actually tweeted on the official Twilight twitter about how excited they are:

Elizabeth Reaser and Michael Welch are excited, too:

And Chris Weitz is already talking about the New Moon DVD!

Also, Taylor Lautner was on the Jay Leno show and Conan.

Peter Facinelli was on the Rachel Ray show:

Movie Fone has posted an interview with the Volturi.

Taylor Lautner is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine! They alos have an interview and video with him.

Making Of has more of their interview with New Moon producer Wyck Godfrey:

MTV has a list of 5 things about the New Moon movie you might have missed.

There is a new Twilight blog called 'Twilight in Rhyme' that you've got to check out. It's so fun!

Lit Drift combines Twilight with Alice in Wonderland.

Sincerely, Bella & Alice


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