Crazy Comic-Con with Coverage
Try saying that ten times faster! The Twilight Comic-Con in San Diego was yesterday,
and Twilight fans took it over! If you couldn't go (like us) that's okay!
A lot of people did coverage on it:
Click here to read MTV's Comic-Con coverage.
Shock Till You Drop has four interviews from the Comic-Con.
Click here to read the LA times coverage. They also have a video here.
G4 has a video of the Twilight Cast, Stephenie Meyer, and Catherine Hardwicke
coming out onto the stage (and all the screaming from the fans).
Click here to read Screen Rant's coverage.
Click here to read Spout Blog's coverage.
Click here to read U.G.O. Movie Blog's coverage.
Pattinson Online got a few (okay, a lot) of photos of the Comic-Con, and got a lot of footage,
Twilight Promo Clip Extended!
Remember this? This is the rest of it.
Click here to read Associated Press' coverage.
Click here to read Zap2it's coverage.
Everglow has some pictures of the Comic-Con, and more to come.
The Twilight Lexicon has pictures of the Comic-Con here and here.
MTV got an interview with Spunk Ransom after the Comic-Con.
ET Online has posted interviews with the Twilight cast at the Comic-Con.
Entertainment Tonight have posted 4 parts of an interview with Stephenie Meyer.
And now for the non-con news:
Today's Breaking Dawn quote is:
Edward: "You look so guiltyŚlike you've committed a crime."
Today is Michael Welch's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mike!

Sincerely, Alice and Emmett


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