Dakota Fanning as Jane Confirmed

Access Hollywood, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, IESB, and the LA Times all interviewed Dakota Fanning, and she has confirmed that the chances of her playing Jane are very good, though no paper work has been signed yet. She's also said that she's a Twilight fan herself! We've added her to our New Moon cast list.

Also, People is running a poll on who should play Alec in the New Moon movie.

Bite of Twilight's New Year Contest is almost over, but they still need more entries. So don't be afraid to enter!

Nina Mason made a Bella and Edward doll. They aren't for sale, but you can see them here.

According to High-Def Digest, the Blu-ray version of the Twilight DVD will only be available on Best Buy, Target, and online until May 5th.

According to Amazon.UK, the release date for the Twilight DVD in the UK is April 6th.

The Charlotte Observer has an article about what Kristen Stewart will be up to this year.

Forks, Washington is already planning this year's Stephenie Meyer day celebration.

Have a great day!

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