Eclipse Filming Almost Finished
David Slade posted a few more tweets, including a picture of (I'm guessing) Bella's truck headlight:

And here's what he said in two more of his tweets:
"Shooting first day in the Cullen house, its the first day we managed to shoot more than our schedule,"
"Just one week and a few days to go to complete principle photography, the finish line seems still so far."

Also, Access Hollywood got an interview with Taylor Lautner at the Scream Awards:

Aw, he's so cute when he's humble.

InStyle has a video with Ashley Greene and a virtual Twilight make-up studio.

And here's an e-mail from USA Weekend magazine:
"I just wanted to let you all know for your fan site about our upcoming Twilight: New Moon issue for USA Weekend magazine. It will be in newspapers starting Friday (our magazine appears in more than 600 newspapers across the country, with a 23 million circulation), and will feature a cover story about the popularity of vampires, plus an exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson. In addition, our cover will feature an exclusive new photo of Pattinson as Edward Cullen."
To find out where you can get USA Weekend in your area, click here.

Sincerely, Esme


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