Eclipse Pictures, Interviews, and More!
As you know, shooting for the Eclipse movie is under way, and pictures of sets and actors are already hitting the Internet! Mandy is back in action, taking pictures and posting reports on her blog. (SPOILER WARNING!) Click here to see pictures of a scene being shot with Victoria and Riley, and click here and here to see her pictures of some Eclipse filming locations and sets.

Just Jared has pictures of some of the cast back in Vancouver.

And there are a few more pictures that there's been a lot of controversy about. These:
Many people are saying that these are pictures of Jack Huston in costume to play Royce King II, but there's just a few problems with that. First, his eyes. You'd have to be color blind to not see how red his eyes are. Royce King II is supposed to be human, not a vampire. True, it could be just usual camera red-eye, but if so, those are the reddest eyes I've ever seen a camera cause. Second, these pictures were taken on the same night that they were supposed to be filming the Jasper flashback scenes, not the Rosalie flashback scenes. So the question is, is this Jack Huston or not? (TY to Twilight Treasury for the pictures.)

Now for the interviews: Access Hollywood got an interview with newly cast Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater):

MTV got an interview with Jackson Rathbone, where he talks a bit about one of the Eclipse scenes he's in! Click here to check it out!

And SEGN got an interview with Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)!

Also, The Examiner has an article about Boo Boo Stewart.

Daily Fill got an interview with Robert Pattinson.

Reelz Channel has an article with several fansites' opinions about the new New Moon trailer, including ours!
"1.Overall, what'd you think good, bad, or meh?
It wasn't good, it was GREAT! It left me breathless. (Literally. I was hyperventilating.)

2.Jacob's narration necessary? Good or weird?
It was kind of unexpected and unusual, but not bad. It was fun to get some more "drool over Taylor" time.

3.What "scene" were you happiest to see in the trailer?
I was happy with all of the scenes that were in the trailer, but my favorite had to be at the very end when Jacob says, "Don't make me upset." Ooh! Chills!

4.Was there anything that made you leery about the adaptation?
Nope. My friend, who saw the trailer in theaters with me, and I both agreed that the New Moon movie is going to be way better than the Twilight movie."

They also have an article about Catherine Hardwicke and the new movie she's working on, The Girl With the Red Riding Hood.

And Clevver TV is continuing their New Moon book discussion with chapter 3: The End.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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