Eclipse Searching For Actors
On the Acting Auditions blog, a casting call for several new characters for the Eclipse movie has been released! Note: They have been having problems with people calling the casting directors for unimportant reasons, so please don't do the same. They already get hundreds of phone calls every day as it is.

E! Online has an article about the casting calls.

And 4TNZ wants to know who you think should play Leah, Seth, and Riley in Eclipse.

Everyone is wondering who should play Riley. Should they go with Melissa Rosenberg's opinion and choose Channing Tatum? Or should they choose someone else like Tom Felton? What do you think?

Also, Stephenie Meyer has posted on her site that she is taking down her MySpace.

Robert and Kristen Online have an actual video of Robert Pattinson taking his shirt off in Italy. Spoiler Warning!

Stick Man Theatre has a hilarious stick figure version of Twilight and New Moon.

Love always, Bella


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