Edward's Meadow New Moon Release Celebration!
Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. Let's just say we've been living at the theater for the past couple of days. :) To make it up to you, we have a few special features today to celebrate the release of the New Moon movie!

First surprise; remember our Twilight spoof that we released this last spring? Well we've decided to make a sequel! Yes, we're making a New Moon spoof, and we have the first teaser trailer for you!

Second surprise; Bella and Alice got the opportunity to meet a couple of the actors from the New Moon movie last week, and now they have the footage and pictures up!

Third surprise; we want to know what you thought of the New Moon movie! We would like to interview five fans about what you thought of the movie! The first five fans to e-mail us twilight@edwardsmeadow.com with the subject 'Movie Fan Interview' will be interviewed. The interviews will be posted here later, along with some of our staff's thoughts on the movie.

But we're not the only ones who want to know what you thought of New Moon. We were just sent the following e-mail:
Hi everyone, we at The VRO want everyone who saw New Moon to come to our special New Moon Celebration show on Saturday Night at 9pm ET. We want the fans to call in and tell us what YOU thought of the movie! And after the show is over we will be sending the show on to Summit and the cast so they can see (and hear) how much we appreciate what they do!

Come to www.thevro.com and click Listen Live to be a part of the show. Come early and join our chatroom for discussion. Email us at vro@thevro.com if you will be calling in. Give us your name and phone ## and you will be one of the first to get on the show!

UChic.com already has some interviews with the fans that they got during a midnight showing:

And both Spin.com and Bite of Twilight have already posted their reviews.

Have fun!

Sincerely, Esme


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