Filming in Vancouver Complete!
Kellan Lutz told Robsessed that they have filmed the last scene in Vancouver (at the Cullen's house)!

And four Twilight fans were there when they were filming the last scenes, and got to meet all the Cullens (and got pictures of the costumes most of them wear during the birthday party)! Click here to check it out!

Now they might not have been able to see the Cullen's house, but Twilight-Gossip did:
They've also got more pictures of Bella's house here.

And now the cast is in Italy!

But not everyone gets to go to Italy. Christian Serratos posted on her MySpace that she is done filming for New Moon.

But there's still lots of pictures from Vancouver to see on Lainey Gossip here, here, and here!

Pillow Biters also has pictures, this time of the Forks High set.

Cullen Boys Anonymous had an encounter with Rachel, Kellan, and Jackson!

The Vancouver Sun has an article about how far fans went to get a glimpse of the New Moon cast.

That's all for now!
Sincerely, Alice


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