Forks, Washington Gets A Makeover

Our favorite small rainy town is having a bit of work done for fans! Here's from the Forks Forum:
"The City of Forks Welcomes You sign located south of town was moved to a new location on Wednesday, Dec. 9. City and state road workers placed new poles in place and relocated the sign, working Tuesday and Wednesday. The sign, as well as similar sign located near the Calawah bridge along Highway 101 on the north side of town are popular backdrops for snapshots taken by visting Twilight fans. Bill Sperry told Forks Chamber of Commerce members on Wednesday that lights are being installed to highlight the signs at night. He said the Forks Revitalization Committee and the City of Forks are working together on the project. The south side sign was formerly located in a marshy area which lacked safe parking for fans to pull over. The new location of the sign is located adjacent to the Forks Timber Museum and near the Forks Chamber of Commerce's Visitor Center. Both locations provide paved, off-road parking for visitors."

Also, Santa isn't the only one coming to the town of Forks; the Showtime Network is, too!
"A SHOWTIME cable TV channel crew is filming footage in Forks this weekend. The scenes of Forks will be used as short segments accompanying the first television broadcast of the film "Twilight," which is set in Forks, but filmed mostly in the Portland, Ore. area. Here Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Marcia Bingham is interviewed Friday morning, Dec. 11 by a SHOWTIME producer while a soundman and camera man record her. The showing is set to air beginning in mid-January."

And speaking of our favorite book/movie locations, Chris Weitz released, through Summit's Twilight twitter, a few photos he took of Montepulciano, Italy before they started filming there!

Click here to see the rest.

Love always, Bella


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