Goodbye Chatbox, Hello Twilight Saga Forums!

We have some very exciting news! If you've been on our old Twilight Chat box before, then you know how...annoyingly cheesy (to put it mildly) it is. But the annoying cheesiness ends now, because our chat is getting a major upgrade! We have teamed up with the amazing Dawn of Twilight fansite to create The Twilight Saga Forums, the ultimate place to chat with fellow Twilight fans! Now you can drool over Taylor Lautner/Robert Pattinson with not only Edward's Meadow viewers, but Dawn of Twilight's viewers as well! In other words, more friends! Click here to check out The Twilight Saga Forums now!

Also, since we're already in the updating mood, we have a few more new fan fics, fan art, and fan-made trailers!

New fan fics:
*Discussion and Decisions by Lacey Sled
*Forever Night by Jordyn
For more fan fics, click here.

New fan art:
*So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb by Tanya
*The Twilight Saga by Tanya
*Twilight Drawing by Deanna
*New Moon Drawing by Deanna
*Eclipse Drawing by Deanna
*Breaking Dawn by Deanna
For more fan art, click here.

New fan-made trailers:
*Eclipse Movie Trailer 1 (Fan-made) by me (Alice):

*ECLIPSE Trailer/Teaser (Fanmade) by Sanyiaa:

For more trailers and videos, click here.

Have fun!

Sincerely, Alice


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