Grand Opening of Edward's Meadow

Welcome to Edward's Meadow!
We hope you have a wonderful time here and are able to quench your
thirst for Twilight! Take a look around! Check out the Fan Fic's,
or Click Here to see who the character of the month is.
Are you a real Twilight fan? Take the Quizzes and find out!

Now, some people are asking, why did we make an online
version of Edward's Meadow? Well, with Edward and Bella leaving soon,
they won't be using the meadow anymore. So we decided to make it open to the public.
But there are hundreds of Twilight fans around the world who would want
to come see it, but not all of them can. Then, leave it to Alice, she decided we should
make an online version for everyone. And the rest is history. So now you don't
need to come all the way up to Forks to visit! We hope you enjoy it! Have fun!

Sincerely, the Cullens


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