Guides on How to Date Vampires
It might sound wacky, but they're out there. 2 different guides on how to date vampires have recently been released. The first is called 'How to Date a Vampire.'

Here's the official press release for it:
"If you’ve been jealous of Bella and Buffy, and the thought of New Moon has you hankering for a bad boy date, help has arrived.

A new book, HOW TO DATE A VAMPIRE (November 2009; $12.50) provides just the right amount of advice to help you land a fangsome fella.

Author Sophie Collins shows you how to aim your sights at the night, in a handbook that packed with quizzes charts and fail-safe guidance on how to show him what’s so special about you and set his pulse (if he had one) racing! From “love at first bite” and clues on how to “date” your vamp (figuring out his actual age), plus where to draw the line with a boy who literally knows all about you, Sophie Collins has tips and tricks such as:

• Eat Meat! (after all, the guy has a major iron deficiency)
• Reading your vamp’s body language (hint: if he’s staring hard and his eyes have turned dark, you’ve crossed the line from love interest to entree, and it’s time to go)
• Learn to tango—hot Latin dances have a powerful pull for vampires
• Great date ideas that don’t involve going out for a Type-O milkshake.
• Discover how to see into the heart of a guy you can’t see in the mirror.

With space to write about your own close encounters, plus style advice and beauty tips that are sure to slay him on sight, HOW TO DATE A VAMPIRE is the only guide you’ll ever need to spotting a vampire and knocking him (undead)."

Click here to check out the book's Facebook page.

The second book is called 'The Vampire is Just Not That Into You.'

I've read this one, and it is absolutely hilarious! It has several references to the Twilight saga, as well as many other favorable vampire books. It also has quizzes and charts to help you find what your "type" is. It will tell you all about how to find a vampire, win the vampire's affections, date the vampire, keep the vampire interested, and, if things go bad, how to leave the relationship without becoming his next meal. It will have you laughing over and over again. There's my review on it. :)

Sincerely, Alice


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