Happy Birthday Edward!
Yesterday was Edward's 107th birthday! Happy Birthday Edward! When we got back
from his birthday hunting trip, I found that a bunch of other Twilight fansites had found other
ways to celebrate his birthday, and I had to post them here. The Twilight Lexicon posted
a list of 107 reasons why we all love Edward, Novel Novice posted an Edward history
lesson, and His Golden Eyes posted a hilarious video of them getting
a birthday cake for Edward at the bakery.
There's also a lot of news that has built up over the past few days:
Stephenie Meyer's official site has broken their record and updated the site three days in
a row, and again today! The tickets for all of the Breaking Dawn tour events have been
sold out, but iClips will broadcast the Los Angeles and New York events.
The Twilight Lexicon got to interview Cristian Serratos and Justin Chon! Click here to
read the interview with Cristian Serratos and click here to see the interview with
Cristian Serratos and Justin Chon.
The Official Twilight Movie site has posted a new picture of Rosalie! Click here to see it.
Both The Rocky Mountain News and Locus Online marvel over how popular Stephenie's
books are.
You can now see the Twilight Trailer in French here!
The Indiana Gazette has posted an article about Stephenie's books.
The Twilight Lexicon dug up some info about the Cullen Crest.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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