Hot Topic Clue and Merchandise
Here is the next clue for the big surprised at Hot Topic's DVD release parties:
“…Don’t forget about our Twilight DVD release party! We’re going to have an Edward Cullen standee at every party for you and your fellow Twilight fans to pose and take pictures with. And like we mentioned last week, we have some super-cool surprises planned. Did last week’s hint help? Well, this week’s hint is “I’m warning you!” Have you figured it out yet?

Don’t just sit there. Pre-order your copy of Twilight from select Hot Topic stores so you can attend one of our DVD release parties!”

Hot Topic also has some new Twilight merchandise.

Also, apparently Tina Fey has mistaken Robert Pattinson for the devil. Here's 4TNZ's take on it, as well as the interview where Tina Fey says that. is holding a contest where you could win a copy of the Twilight DVD and Twilight: Director's Notebook! Click here to find out how to enter.

Walmart now has a Twilight page, as well as eBites so you can invite your friends to their Twilight DVD midnight release party (eBite. evite. Get it?)

Have a question for one of the New Moon cast members? MTV wants your questions for all the interviews they have planned. MTV also has a list of "The Best 'Twilight' Cast Performances You Haven't Seen."

Access Hollywood got an interview with Billy Burke.

So you all know, we've fixed our character of the month so it's now showing this month's character. Sorry about that!

Sincerely, Renesmee


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