It's Time to Party!
It's finally here! The DVD will be here in only a few hours!

Access Hollywood as a list of the stores that have a good chance of having a special guest (a member of the Twilight movie cast) coming!

But the Twilight Lexicon has confirmed the party in Salt Lake, Utah that a Twilight cast member will be attending.

And we know that Edi Gathegi will be at a party in New York, because he was just interviewed there:

This is from Cullen Boys Anonymous:
Still don't know which DVD release party to go to in the PHX area? Come join the Cullen Boys Anonymous staff as they MC's tonight's Twilight DVD Release party at the Borders on Alma School and the 60 across from Fiest Mall in Mesa. Come join us for lots of Twilight fun and prizes!! Rotten Tomatoes has a guide to the Twilight DVD.

Also, more information about project 'save the book babe' has been posted on Stephenie Reelz Channel, 4TNZ, and Chuck the Movie Guy all have early reviews of the Twilight DVD.

4TNZ also has an article about which one is hotter, Cullen or Potter?

People's Choice has some great Twilight polls.

Have fun, everyone!

Sincerely, Alice


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