Jodelle Ferland Cast in Eclipse!
The following is from actress Jodelle Ferland's official fansite:
'Its official! Jodelle has been cast in the Twilight Saga, The 3rd Film, Eclipse! she will playing The Newborn Vampire! We are really excited for her. How so many of you had petitioned for Jodelle to be cast as Jane, and now she gets to work alongside the cast and Dakota Fanning who was cast as Jane for New Moon.'
Not exactly sure who "The Newborn Vampire" is, but I'm sure we'll find out.

And speaking of the Eclipse movie, several sites (Twilight Gossip, Radar Online, EXTRA) have gotten pictures of the Twilight saga cast returning to Vancouver for Eclipse shooting! The Vancouver Sun also has an article about their return.

Entertainment Tonight got a great interview with Melissa Rosenberg about the New Moon and Eclipse movies.

Have a great day!

Love always, Bella


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