Just One More Month!
Yes, the Twilight movie comes out exactly one month from today! We're so close!
Until then, today is Twilight Tuesday, and MTV has interviewed Anna Kendrick who plays Jessica Stanley. Check it out here and here.
Also, remember to check out Spike TV tonight at 9:00pm ET/PT to check out exclusive world premiere footage from the Twilight movie, presented by Cam Gigandet!
Eclipse has won first place in the 2008 "Teens' Top Ten!" Congratulations, Stephenie!
Media Blvd Magazine has posted an interview with Taylor Lautner and Edi Gathegi.
There are some new movie stills you can check out here.
Daily Nexus has a very funny article about how obsessive Twilight fans can be.
And just to let you know, Bella, Kate, and I (and maybe Esme) are probably going to the Twilight soundtrack listening party at the Hot Topic in the Provo Town Center in Utah (we have some friends down there)!
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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