Kellan & Anya on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Kellan Lutz and his dog Kola were on the Bonnie Hunt show today!

Anya Marina (who wrote Satellite Heart for the New Moon soundtrack) was also on the Bonnie Hunt show recently:

But Kellan and Anya weren't the only ones who were interviewed--Ashley Greene was interviewed by Reelz Channel:

Anya Kendrick was also interviewed, but by Making

New Moon producer Wyck Godfrey was also interviewed by Making, and he talks about Breaking Dawn!

And speaking of Breaking Dawn, MTV has a new article about whether Breaking Dawn will be made into two movies or not and who should direct it/them.

Also, it's time to vote for the People's Choice Awards, and once again Twilight has been nominated for several catagories. Click here to vote!

FearNet has an article talking about how New Moon may have changed Hollywood forever.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Esme


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