"MTV's Woman of the Year: Twilighters!" Part 2
On MTV, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner congratulate their fans for being chosen as MTV's woman (women) of the year!

And now it's time for us to give our acceptance speeches. You can check out Twilighter NoMoreMarbles acceptance speech here, and learn how to post your acceptance speech here.

Also, it's time to vote for the best and worst of 2008 on MovieFone, and Twilight is up for a few awards.

Movies.ie interviewed Robert Pattinson.

On Extra, Taylor Lautner asks Ashley Greene whether she's Team Jacob or Team Edward.

Empire posted an interview with Kristen Stewart.

The Daily Mirror posted an interview with Robert Pattinson.

The Daily Record has also posted an interview with Rob.

BBC has an interview with Kristen Stewart here. They also have an article about how vampires have gone from horror to heartthrob here.

That's all for now!
Sincerely, Bella


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