Message from Stephenie and Twilight Tuesday
Seth has updated Stephenie Meyer's site with a message from Stephenie herself about
Breaking Dawn spoilers.
And of course, today is Twilight Tuesday! For this week's Twilight Tuesday, the spotlight
is on the Twilight inspired band: The Bella Cullen Project. Click here to read
the article and interview and listen to some of their music!
Also, PopMatters posted a list of books to read during the summer,
and The Host is one of them.
Publisher's Weekly posted a list of books coming out in August and how many of each
have been pre-ordered, and Breaking Dawn won by a mile with 3.2 million copies sold!
Congratulations, Stephenie!
Watertown Daily Times posted a list of books that kids could read to "expand horizons,
imaginations" and the Twilight saga is on the list.
Kellan Lutz was on Seventeen Magazine! Click here to read about his visit,
and click here to watch the You Tube video.

Sincerely, Rosalie


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