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They just keep coming, don't they? Anyway, today is Twilight Tuesday--the day we get
a special Twilight movie treat from MTV--and they have posted an article about Catherine
and the producers condsidering filming the New Moon movie and the Eclipse movie at
the same time. Note: There is no official confirmation yet that they will make movies out
of the rest of the Twilight saga. At least, no contracts for the film rights have been signed.
But it sounds like Catherine wants to make sequels, so keep your fingers crossed.
MTV also had an interview with Peter Facinelli about Carlisle's black Mercedes, and
Defamer wrote an article about the bad weather on the Twilight movie set. Also,
Deseret News wrote an article about The Host, and Times Online wrote an article about
Stephenie Meyer. That's all for now. And again, Happy birthday Rob!

Sincerely, Alice


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