More DVD Party Coverage
Access Hollywood also now has Twilight DVD release party coverage here. They also have a short interview with Ashley Greene here (you can also read it here).

Entertainment Weekly has an article about how 3 million copies of the Twilight DVD were sold the first day! The Twilight DVD is now right up there with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Dark Night, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Transformers! They also got a short interview with Wendy Chuck, the costume designer for Twilight, here.

Oregon Live has an article kind of teasing Rob, Kristen, and Catherine in the commentary on the DVD when they said how surprised they were by the weather.

4TNZ interviewed Edi Gathegi!

Also, more information about project Save the Book Babe has been announced!

From the creators of Dimlight and The Twilight Before Christmas, comes an online video series called I <3 Vampires about the #1 fan of a popular vampire book series. When she leaks part of the final novel on her fansite, her life begins to imitate the very series she loves.

Robert Pattinson went to Sam Bradley's concert in Vancouver Friday night. Read the article here.

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