More DVD Sneak Peeks
MTV has two more sneak peeks of the Twilight movie! Click here and here to see them.

There's a new Twilight DVD TV spot:

Hot Topic has announced the answer to their guessing game:
Hey Twilighters,
Did you figure it out? Have an idea? Should we tell you? I think so… but first let’s run through the hints:
“I Heart Bella!”
“I’m Warning You”
And the answer is…An autographed poster by your one and only loveable pup – Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black)! Isn’t that awesome?
Make sure you Pre – order your copy of Twilight from Hot Topic so you can attend one of our DVD release parties one lucky customer from each Hot Topic store that attends the party will get to take home their very own Taylor Lautner autographed poster, but you have to attend the party in order to enter to win!
Don’t forget, to stay tuned for next week’s post because we have some exciting news that we’re sure you will all love!

Also, a group of college students have started an awesome Twilight game called Twilight Scramble. To find out how to play, watch the video below:

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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