More Nominations for Twilight
The awards and award nominations just keep pouring in! First, Stephenie Meyer updated her site with a special announcement...
"A big congratulations to everyone involved with creating the awesome Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! The Grammy nomination is fantastic and also well-deserved. It is an honor to have such talented artists and bands contributing to the Twilight film. Congrats also to Alex Patsavas for doing such an inspired job of bringing them all together.

Yep, the Twilight soundtrack got a Grammy nominatation!

And the New Moon soundtrack is getting some nominations, too! Lykke Li's song, Possibility (track 4 on your New Moon soundtrack), has been nominated for the Best Original Song award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the people in charge of the Academy Awards)!

And speaking of nominations for awards, Anna Kendrick was on Fox News for her recent Golden Globe and SAG nominations:

Now this next one isn't a nomination--he's already won this. Robert Pattinson made it onto People Magazine's list of 25 Most Intriguing of 2009! Make sure to check out the latest issue of People Magazine for more details.

Sincerely, Alice


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