More Twilight DVD News
First off, Hot Topic has released more information about their DVD pre-order parties:
"Okay here is some news that I’m sure you guys will be extremely happy about! The Twilight DVD will be released soon. We’re all anxiously waiting for it : ) Hot Topic’s In Store Pre-Order date is February 9th…The Twilight DVD will have exclusive, awesome, HT only surprises if you buy the DVD at Hot Topic.

We will be having launch parties at our Hot Topic stores! There will be A LOT of awesome things and surprises happening at the parties…we will be having a cool contest for a pair of Bella and Edward dolls – I know crazy cool huh? : ) We will be giving away a small percentage of the dolls during the launch parties. After that, if anyone else wants the dolls they can get them from the Tonner Company."

Hot Topic also has some extra cool stuff you'll get when you pre-order the special edition of the Twilight DVD from them.

But remember, Borders also has a special offer, with other cool stuff you can get when you pre-order the DVD from them. They are also throwing DVD midnight release parties, with more information to come.

Also, Buddy TV compares Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens: Who's the better teen queen? Thanks to Kim!

Yahoo! has an article about record breaking albums, and the Twilight soundtrack is one of them.

Twist Magazine found that Dakota Fanning wasn't the only one who auditioned for Jane; Lucy Hale did, too!

On Just Jared Jr, Robert Pattinson wishes a special someone a happy Valentine’s day.

Los Altos Town Crier has an article about Twilight and it's fans.

In celebration of it's second birthday and Valentine’s day, Twilight Teez is having a sale.

Have a great day!

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