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Less than two weeks until the Twilight movie (13 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 28 seconds from when I'm typing this, to be exact)! So of course there's a lot of movie news:

Yahoo has posted an exclusive Twilight TV spot:
You can see it in HD here. We've added it to our official Twilight trailers page.

On November 10th, a special Twilight issue of Film Fantasy will be available at newsstands, bookstores and department stores, etc. This 100 page special edition includes interviews with Stephenie Meyer, Catherine Hardwicke, Melissa Rosenberg, and Robert Pattinson, a profile of Kristen Stewart, a who's who guide to Twilight, a behind the scenes photo-filled look at the film through the eyes of one its extras, a guide to vampire romance with Twilight, True Blood, Moonlight, and lots more! It's a vamptastic magazine!

Thanks to Ed and Kiki for the tip!

If you're registered at Twilight The, then check your e-mail! Summit Entertainment has announced that there will be an exclusive clip on Heroes (9/8c on NBC) on November 10th! They've also announced more information about the Twilight Tour, which you can see here.

There are seven new official movie stills! Click here to see them.

Extra is asking "Robert Pattinson: The Next Brad Pitt?"

There are some new EW outtakes of Rob and Kristen you can see here.

Market Watch talks money for the Twilight movie.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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