New Moon Cast News and Sightings
Lainey Gossip has got more New Moon set pictures here, here, and here! also has pics:
See the camera Kristen is holding? Remember the camera Charlie gave Bella in New Moon for her birthday? Coincidence? I hope not!

Fans are wigging out about the picture of Jamie Campbell-Bower (Caius) getting fitted for a wig! Click here to check it out!

Now, while all of these pictures of the New Moon actors are awesome, sometimes the paparazzi can get a little too crazy. Poor Kellan was ambushed by a guy with a banana costume and an Elvis wig:

Tinsel Korey has posted about her role as Emily Young on her MySpace.

The Vancouver Sun has another piece of information about Robert Pattinson; what he likes to eat.

The Province has an article about New Moon!

Kim Kardashian has joined the large group of actors that "would like die to be in Twilight." Click here to read about it.

For their 2009 Movie Awards, MTV is doing something that has never been done before: Letting you choose who wins! The Twilight movie, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Cam Gigandet have been nominated for several categories.

Ellen Degeneres is looking for Twilight fans! But no one knows yet exactly why. Hmm.

The Examiner got an interview with Jackson Rathebone!

Sincerely, Alice

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