New Moon Footage to Premiere at Scream Awards
The following is from an official press release by Spike TV:
'“SCREAM” Will Celebrate The Year Of The Vampire And The Phenomenal Popularity Of The “Twilight” Saga With Cast And World Premiere Footage From The Highly-Anticipated “New Moon”'

And the following is from an article about this year's scream awards on Hit Fix:
"Let's be honest, if hardcore horror fans turn their noses up at anything it's "The Twilight Saga," but Spike TV is jumping on the phenomenon by making "New Moon" a centerpiece of "SCREAM 2009."

The network announced today that the pseudo awards show will feature cast members from "New Moon" as well as the debut of new footage from what is expected to be one of November's biggest releases. Who will appear from the cast is unclear, but it would be surprising for Summit to drag Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson from Vancouver for the event while they are still shooting "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Our guess? "New Moon" vampire and "Underworld" franchise star Michael Sheen or the members of the Wolfpack (with shirts on for this crowd)."

Sincerely, Edward


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