New Moon Movie News
Try saying that over and over again ten times faster. :)

OK! Magazine is reporting that:
*Robert Pattinson will not be on the New Moon soundtrack, but Paramore will.
*Brandon Michael Vayda has been cast to play Jared!
*Anna Lynn McCord is definitely playing Heidi.
*Though there's been a lot of speculation that Ben Barnes will play Aro, this is not true.
Note: None of these facts have been officially confirmed.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Peter Facinelli talks about New Moon!

The Dead Bolt has a list of 5 reasons why New Moon will be better than Twilight.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the rumor that Madonna will be in the New Moon movie is false.

Also, 4TNZ has an article about Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and a quiz to see if you're Jasper Hale's perfect match.

MSN has pictures of Robert Pattinson.

PopStar had an interview with Christian Serratos.

Hot Topic has a special surprise for their Twilight DVD release parties, and they'll be giving a hint once a week to what it is. If you can figure it out, you could get a prize! For more information, click here.

Carter Burwell, the composer of the Twilight score, has been nominated to win the award for best original score for a horror/thriller film at the International Music Critics Association Awards!

MTV got an interview with NECA, one of the companies licensed to make Twilight merchandise.

Kellan Lutz Online is working on a birthday project for Kellan, and Twilight Mafia is doing the same for Robert Pattinson.

There's a new Robert Pattinson dress up game here. Thanks, Iris, for telling us about it!

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