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This just in: the band 'The Used' revealed to that they will be contributing a new song to the New Moon Soundtrack:
"When we spoke to Bert McCracken of The Used yesterday, he revealed that a new song of theirs entitled 'For You I Would' was set to be the title track!
"It's gonna be a big deal," Bert told "We wrote a really awesome original song for the movie."

Click here to hear the entire interview!

And there's another band who may be joining The Used and Death Cab for Cutie on the New Moon soundtrack; MTV interviewed Muse and found that they are being considered to have another song in a Twilight saga movie!
KROQ also got an interview with Muse.

Now we've posted this before, but Jacqui Ryan, who has two of her songs short-listed for the New Moon soundtrack, e-mailed us and told which two songs they were; Don't Walk Away and Close To Crazy. You can check out her MySpace here and her official site here.

Speaking of short-listed songs, there was another music artist who had a song short-listed for the New Moon soundtrack, but MTV has reported that Lee Safar's song didn't make the cut. But it looks like Summit liked her song, because they've asked her to try again for the Eclipse soundtrack:
"Summit have advised my team that while they are more than impressed with the songs and with my fan base, the music that was submitted did not fit the overall tone of the soundtrack and won't be used for "New Moon." Summit continues to deal directly with my team, both here in Australia and in LA, and have requested that we submit a never-before-heard "Lee Safar" original track for the "Eclipse" soundtrack. To further solidify the relationship between the Lee Safar brand and the "Twilight" franchise, I have been booked for the Official "Twilight" Tour here in Australia next month and will be the only artist performing on this tour. I will be doing press, TV and radio alongside the "New Moon" stars Kellan Lutz, Chaske Spencer, Charlie Bewley and Tinsel Korey."
You can read MTV's article here.

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