New Moon's First Week Report
The New Moon movie has now been in theaters for over a week, and the reports on it's first-week sales in the US are coming in:

Opening weekend 11/20-22 - $140 million

Monday 11/23 $10.5 million

Tuesday 1124 $11.5 million

Wednesday 11/25 $14.3 million

Thursday 11/26 $9.2 million

Friday 11/27 $17.7 million

Saturday 11/28 - $16.5 million

Sunday 11/29 - $8,300,000

In total, the New Moon movie has made $230,674,000 in the US and $243,000,000 in foreign countries for a grand total of $473,674,000! (Sales info from Box Office Mojo and Gossip Cop)

To top it all off, MTV released their new Sunday box office report, and the number one movie on their list was, of course, New Moon!

Also, Times Live got an interview with Robert Pattinson!

More of Ryan Seacrest's interviews from the New Moon premiere have been posted:
 interviewed Bronson Pelletier.

Movie made a list of mistakes in the New Moon movie (Hey, nobody's perfect--not even vampires).

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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