New Moon's Solar Midnite Music Video
The music video for one of the songs from the New Moon movie, Solar Midnite by Lupe Fiasco (it's not on the regular version of the New Moon soundtrack, but it is on the deluxe edition), has been released!

This song is awesome! I don't have the deluxe edition, so this was my first time hearing it in it's full glory. I think I might have a new favorite song. :)

Also, while I'm posting, Crooked Monkey (a t-shirt company) has a few new Twilight shirts (for both Twilight fans and anti-Twilight fans):
*And then Buffy Staked Edward The End T-shirt (Best Seller) (I saw a guy wearing this shirt once. Me being a Team Edward girl...well...)
*I won't bite T-shirt (Best Seller)
*I only date vampires T-shirt
*Vampires Suck T-shirt
*Team Edward T-shirt
*Edward is my Homeboy T-shirt

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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