Newborn Vamps Are in the House!
Our favorite girls from Vancouver, Mandy and Vancity Allie got some great pictures of a scene for Eclipse being filmed with Xavier, Jodelle, and other newborn vampires:
To see the rest of the pictures, click here, here, and here.

Also, both MTV and NY Times are reporting that the full track list for the New Moon soundtrack will be released this Friday!
"Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas told The New York Times that she was "confident" the soundtrack would include already-rumored tracks from Radiohead's Thom Yorke, wintry indie folker Bon Iver and British alt-rockers Band of Skulls. Citing "group representatives," the Times also asked about rumors that the Killers and Grizzly Bear would have songs on the soundtrack, but Patsavas would not comment on either band.

She did talk about the album's thematic elements, though, explaining that it would be married to the film much closer than the "Twilight" soundtrack was. "This is a much more somber movie than 'Twilight,' " Patsavas said. "There is a lot of love lost, so the artists that are going to make up the soundtrack reflect that longing a lot of acoustic instruments, a lot of a cappella singing."

And here's another thing that MTV posted: The creators of Twilight in Forks, the Saga of the Real Town went to Stephenie Meyer day last weekend and filmed some of the festivities. You may know a few people in the video:
Rosalie, Renee, Bella, Kate, and Alice are all sitting at the front of the group of screaming fans. They also got a lot of footage of the Twilight look-alike contest that Renee was in charge of, Alice helped judge, and Rosalie was in. You could consider this a preview of all the coverage that Alice is getting ready to post. :)

Talk to you later!

Sincerely, Emmett


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