Normal Guys vs Edward Cullen
This is such a sweet article; Hey! Insomnia has an article comparing normal guys to Edward. Yep, major difference. Click here to read it.
Also, for Twilight Tuesday yesterday, it was Kellan Lutz day! Click here to read MTV's interview with him.
MTV also had an interview with Kristen, Taylor, and Nikki about the Twilight movie reshoots.
And MTV is celebrating Harry Potter's (the book series, not the actual character's) 10th birthday with comments from several celebraties including Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattison! According to NY Magazine, Perry Farrell is writing a song for the Twilight movie soundtrack called "Going All The Way (Into the Twilight)."
Literature-Inspired Fandom Events, Inc. will be having a Twilight convention: Summer School in Forks, A Twilight Symposium.
Vampires and Slayers has a new interview with Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke! Click here to listen to it.
Lily Collins has posted an article on her blog saying that she saw the Twilight her backyard!

Sincerely, Bella


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