Official Picture of the Wolf Pack!

I've just got two words to say: HOLY CROW! Reelz Channel and USA Today both have articles about it. (Thanks to Peace. Love. Twilight! for the heads up!)

And speaking of the wolf pack, Entertainment Tonight has another sneak peek of their New Moon exclusive, and this time it's a piece of their interview with Taylor Lautner!

Lots of fans found a New Moon movie set at an outdoor pool where they had huge green screens lifted by cranes! According to Vancity Allie, Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson were all there. It looks like they were filming parts of the cliff diving scene where Bella was in the water, sees Edward's "face," and is saved by Jacob, which is when she sees Victoria.

Click here to see more pictures.

And while they were filming the pool scene, Taylor Lautner came out to meet the fans! Click here for pictures from Twilight-Gossip.

Also, Lainey Gossip got pictures of Rachel Lefevre in Vancouver.

And Gossip Girls got pictures of Nikki Reed at LAX.

ET Canada got an interview with Cameron Bright, who is playing Alec:

Seattle Weekly has an article about the girl who made Bella's bag for the Twilight movie, and now she's making tons more and selling them to fans.

Two Twilighters got to meet Robert Pattinson ('got to' meaning 'tracked him down')! You can see their picture with him and read about their experience on Times Colonist.

4TNZ has an article about Robert Pattinson and how he's handling his sudden fame. They tease him a bit, but it's funny. They've also got a Twilight song, which is just My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson, except it's My Bite Would Suck Without You.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Bella (Team Taylor!)


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