Official Twilight Saga Movie News
Things are really picking up speed now!
It's been announced that the New Moon movie and the Eclipse movie will be filmed back to back, one right after the other. Summit Entertainment has also announced that they hope to have all the Twilight saga movies completed by 2012. To read the announcement, click here and go to news.

They are also getting ready to cast extras and new roles for New Moon and Eclipse! For audition info, click here.

The announcement about how Catherine Hardwicke won't direct New Moon has been posted on Stephenie's site.

Also, Salute to Twilight, a Twilight convention, has announced that there will be three more special guests: Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz.

There's a new interview with Kristen Stewart and Cam Gigandet here.

Rob now has his own page on

Variety has an article about the news that Catherine Hardwicke won't direct New Moon.

The Examiner has posted part 1 of a Twilight movie debate.

Newsweek has posted an article about vampires, and of course they talk about Twilight.

Movie Web has posted an interview with Peter Facinelli.

Buzzline interviewed Rob Pattinson:

Hot Topic has a ton of new Twilight merchandise.

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