One More Week To Go!
7 days until the Twilight movie comes out!
According to Stephenie Meyer on her MySpace blog, she's going to be on Ryan Seacerst's radio show tonight at about 7:00pm PST:
Kind of last minute, but just a heads up. Iím going to be on Ryan Seacrestís radio show tomorrow morning around 7ish Pacific time. This is to the best of my knowledge in this moment; something important might come up in entertainment news and then Iíll be cancelled like Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel, so no guarantees. I promise to do my part, i.e. set my alarm clock.

USA Weekend has posted their Twilight cover story online. They have also posted the second part of their interview with Kristen and Nikki here.

Gossip Sauce has interviews with Robert and the rest of the Cullens.

MTV has posted an interview with Kellan Lutz.

Entertainment Tonight also has an article about Kellan Lutz.

MSN has a cool/funny Twilight feature: Twilight, The Lost Script.

InStyle has posted their Twilight photoshoot.

Hollywood Reporter has an article about the Twilight movie's franchise.

Besides the incident in San Fransico, the Twilight Tour has been going great. There are a lot of different articles about it so far: Houston Press, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer.

LA Times has posted an interview with Melissa Rosenburg.

Reelz Channel has posted an interview with Catherine Hardwicke.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Bella


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