One Week To Go...
In one week, Breaking Dawn will come out and we all will be locked away in our rooms
reading for hours! Until then, we have some new Breaking Dawn updates for the site:
We now have a new Cullen Cast, Episode 3: Before the Dawn, where we discuss:

*Chess: It's no longer a game, it's war.
*Vampire or Human (or death)?
*Theories, theories, theories!
*Bella and Edward's Wedding.
*All that and more on our new Cullen Cast!

We have also posted a discussion Esme and Alice had over whether
Bella should become a vampire or not here.
The Cullen Cast was recorded a few days ago,
so the quotes may seem outdated.

Alice has also made two more Breaking Dawn trailers, which we have posted here and here.
Also, today's new Breaking Dawn quote is:
Sam: "This is not something our treaty anticipated.
This is a danger to every human in the area."

Uh oh.
Anyway, Bite Of Twilight will be covering
a Breaking Dawn Release Party at a Barnes & Noble LIVE!
Speaking of release parties, Rosalie, Bella, Angela, Esme, Kate, and Alice will be attending
the Breaking Dawn Release party at the Barnes & Noble at the Jordan Landing Plaza in Utah!
Also, Pioneer Local asks the big question: Edward or Jake: Who is the best guy for Bella?
Gulf Coasting Live has posted a list of books to read over the summer,
and Breaking Dawn is on the list.
Bella and had an interview with Michael Welch!
Rocky Mountain News has an article about the challenges the Breaking Dawn
release parties pose to booksellers. has an article about the Twilight saga.
You can now buy official Twilight movie T-shirts here!
On USA Today's bestseller list, Twilight is #1, New Moon is #3, Eclipse is #5,
and The Host is #14. Congratulations Stephenie!

Sincerely, Jasper


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