Online Breaking Dawn Release Party!
EDIT: The party has officially begun! Click here to check it out!

To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, we will be hosting an online
Breaking Dawn release party! Activities will include:
*An online costume contest:
Here's how the costume contest will work. First, you dress up as your favorite character
from the books and take a few pictures of yourself. Then send us the pictures with your
name, age, state, and tell us which character you are. Then on August 2nd we'll announce
top 5 best costumes! The contest will only be open during the online party.
Any submissions before or after the party will not count.
*An online debate: Jacob or Edward?
*An online Twilight trivia and more!
For the Twilight trivia, we need help coming up with questions.
If you have any ideas, please E-mail me at

with the subject "Twilight Trivia."
The online party will start on the morning of July 31 2008 and end
on the morning of August 2nd 2008.

EDIT: We have enough questions for the trivia, and it's now ready for the party.

Sincerely, Alice

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