Online Tour of Forks and Lots More!
Edit: We have one more new song and one more new fan art picture. The song is Check yes Juliet by We the Kings, which goes with Twilight (Thanks Alex for the song suggestion). The fan art is Bella and Edward by Nicole.

A couple of weeks ago, Rosalie went around Forks and took some pictures! We've posted them on our site here.
Also, we have a ton of new stuff all over the site! First, we have some new fan art:
*Edward Cullen by Nicole.
*Breaking Dawn by Nicole.
*The Volturi by Nicole.
*Bella Swan by Nicole.
We also have some new Twilight trailers:
*Twilight Preview
*Twilight Comes To Life (By Kate).
*New Moon Book Trailer (By Kate).
*Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer, Part I.
*Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer, Part II.
And we have a ton of new Twilight songs:
*Everything by Lifehouse, which goes with Twilight.
*When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams, which goes with Eclipse.
*Hysteria by Muse, which goes with Twilight.
*Undone by Kat Tingey, which goes perfectly with the whole Twilight saga in Edward's POV.
*Permanent Monday by Jordin Sparks, which goes with New Moon.
*Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy, which goes with New Moon.
*My Heart Belongs To You by Hayley Westenra, which goes with Twilight.
*Caught Up In You by Cassi Thomson, which goes with Eclipse (Bella and Jacob).
*My Dream Is You by This Providence, which goes with Twilight.
Thanks to everyone who sent us song suggestions!
Have fun!

Sincerely, Alice


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