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We've been tagged by TwiFans with the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award (which was so cool, by the way! Thanks TwiFans!), so it's our turn! Here's a list of our top 5 favorite blogs (which was really hard to choose, because we think all of the Twiblogs out there are great!):

1. His Golden Eyes
2. Bite of Twilight
3. Spider Munkey
4. Edward's Twilighters
5. Twilight Extremists

Sincerely, Alice

Rob Protected by Canadian Mounties
According to Extra and Radar, Rob's security guards are retired Canadian Mounties. That's how dangerous Twilight fans are. :)

Also, The Examiner has an article about Rob's so called hygiene problems and why it's ridiculous.

E! Online has an article asking fans whose hair is hotter, Rob's or Taylor's?

Stephenie Meyer and her book Breaking Dawn are both up for awards on Galaxy British Book Awards!

More information about what will be auctioned at the Save the Book Babe event has been posted.

Sincerely, Bella


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