Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Oh wow, where do we start?
Let's start with the party (I like parties)! Most of the New Moon and Eclipse cast, plus Stephenie Meyer and David Slade, had a little cast party at a restaurant! Vancity Allie got pictures with a lot of them. Pop Sugar and Radar Online both got pictures of Rob and Kristen leaving the party together in a cab.

Just Jared Jr. got pictures of Rob that you can see here and here.

And Bauer Griffin got pictures of Rob at LAX heading back from LA to Vancouver. Poor Rob. He looks so worn out, all the paparazzi constantly in his face. I love all these pics of the cast, but could we give them at least 2 minutes of peace?

Thankfully, this next set of pictures aren't from paparazzi. A Twilighter/Blogger named Maggie took a recent trip to Montepulciano, Italy, where they will be filming the Volterra scenes for the New Moon movie, and she got some great pictures of it. Click here to check them out!

Also, according to Kiss FM (96.7), the full length New Moon trailer will be premiering before the movie Bandslam in theaters, which is coming out August 14th!

Melissa Rosenburg has updated her FaceBook twice, and this is what she said:
"Finally got to spend some time with our new director for Eclipse, David Slade. And I gotta say, hes great. Very smart, funny, creative. I already knew he was a really talented and visual filmmaker, but now I know hes terrific to work with as well..."
And... "Writing from the set of New Moon, a ridiculously happy place to be. Everyone is having a gas. Especially me. You'd expect at least one person to be snarky after working so hard for so long but I haven't heard a single sour note. Chris Weitz is the zen ringmaster doing a fantastic job..."

ET Canada interviewed Jackson Rathbone:

E! Online interviewed Alex Meraz about his craziest fan, or non-fan, far (Note to fans who do not already know this: The actors and actresses in the Twilight saga movies are NOT the real characters from the books).

Indie Film Spotlight got an interview with Michael Welch.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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