"Respect Me" Campaign
EDIT: I forgot to post this yesterday, too: TwiFans has a great list of guidelines on fan encounter eitiquette.

Now, I know it is super exciting when you get to meet one of the Twilight movie stars, but I think it's time we set some limits.
The story that has been spreading across the internet is that Robert Pattinson, while filming his latest film, Remember Me, in NYC, was nearly hit by a taxi when crossing a street while being chased by a mob of teenage fan girls, which were being held off by his team of five security guards. The following is straight from a spokesperson for Summit Entertainment about the incident:
“Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues.”
Even though, thankfully, the rumors are just an exaggeration and Rob is okay, it's still a good reminder that we need to respect the celebrities from Twilight, and any other movies too. Let Me Sign.com has started a great campaign (the Respect Me campaign) to encourage people to treat Robert Pattinson, and the rest of the Twilight cast, with respect. They are normal people just like you and me. They deserve at least a little peace and quiet. If you're interested in this campaign, please help spread the word! You may also want to check out this Twilight fansite, Twilight Uninterrupted.

Also, Reelz Channel has a second video of their TwiCon Fan correspondent search.

The Hillywood Show has announced, with a teaser trailer, that they will be posting a New Moon parody next year!

But until then, remember to check back here tomorrow to check out our own Twilight parody, Twilight the Spoof!

Sincerely, Alice


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