Ringtones, Posters, and More
www.vampireringtones.com now has Twilight ringtones at $1.99 per ringtone!
And there are some new Italian Twilight Posters:
You've seen those two pictures before, but have you seen this?

Ooh, scary.
Also, MTV has an article announcing that Paramore will have two songs in the Twilight movie soundtrack!
The Eternal Twilight Convention is running a petition to get Taylor Lautner to come to the convention as a guest:
"I will be sending the petition as well as a letter of invitation and details of the event to his management office in America in the hopes that he will be able to come. This is after he contacted me on myspace telling me to ask his management if he can go. The more signatures the higher the chance so PLEEEAAAASEEE sign up!"
Click here to sign the petition.
Jackson Rathbone Online has posted an interview with Jackson himself.
Reelz Channel now has a Twilight quiz.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Emmett


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