Robert Pattinson Stalked!
According to Access Hollywood, Robert Pattinon had a stalker in Spain last year. How did he get rid of her? He took her out to dinner!
"Unfortunately for the obsessed fan, Robert did not have the fairytale first date in store that the woman might have been hoping for.
“I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back,” the 22-year-old explained. “People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.”
To read the whole article, click here.

4TNZ also posted the story of Robert's stalker, with their own funny spin.

Also, Hot Topic is finally selling Twilight pjs!

According to E! Online, Robert Pattinson lovers now have some new competition: Paris Hilton.

Teen Vogue has an article about the New Moon movie.

You can now buy the Edward and Bella action figures together on

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Bella


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