Robert Pattinson's Birthday, Part 2
While fans all over the world celebrated his birthday, Rob celebrated with his fellow New Moon cast mates and, as Pillow Biters discovered, his parents at a restaurant in Vancouver. People, Life & Style Magazine, Gossip Girls, 4TNZ, and Lion & Lamb all have articles and pictures of the party.

Reelz Channel wishes 5 things for Rob for his birhtday.
2. Riding Lessons
With the recent announcement that he will be joining Hugh Jackman and Rachael Weisz in the Western Unbound Captives it is likely that he will be spending some time in the saddle. You can never start practicing too soon.

And speaking of which, here is Variety's article about Rob's next film.

Also, don't have anything special planned yet for Independence day? Then check out Twilight Fan Trips' Vampire Baseball, where you can watch some of the Twilight cast members play vampire baseball in Portland, Oregon! And, of course, 4TNZ has an article about it.

On May 16th at 1pm, TwiFans will be hosting a live broadcast of a Goodnight Juliet concert, a band that has written a song based on Eclipse.

Benny and Rafi Fine, who are known for their LOST parodies, have included Twilight in their latest episode.

Sincerely, Emmett


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