Save Forks High!
This is an article from the Twilight Lexicon:

In honor of Bella’s birthday coming up, it’s time for us to reveal a gift we have been working on for a few months now.  It is with great pleasure and excitement that we can announce the formation of Twilighters For Forks, a non-profit organization set up to help benefit the city of Forks, specifically The Forks High School.

While visiting Forks for the first time this last summer, Pel and I both commented on how the words “small town” just didn’t do the city justice.  Being from relatively big cities, we enjoyed how peaceful and quiet the area was, but we were concerned with the economy of the area.  As we took pictures of the landscape and various “Twilight” locations we both thought that if there was any way to help the small town of Forks that we wanted in on it.  We started brainstorming what could be done and wondered if the city had a means to take monetary donations over the internet.  We thought that if we could place a link on the Lexicon, we’d be able to reach thousands of Twilight fans.

Later that day, we were talking to the amazing ladies who run Infinite Jewlery Co., which manufactures Bella’s Bracelet™ and Bella’s Engagement Ring™, who were also visiting Forks.  They informed us that the Forks High School had been condemned and was in danger of being knocked down.  They expressed their desire to do something to help the city, and we said that we had the same desire.  We all knew that if the fans understood what was happening in Forks they would want to help out, too.  Through the affiliations that Infinite Jewlery Co. had made in the city and with the backing of the Lexicon, we went to various city officials asking them for a way for fans to donate to the city.  Thus, Twilighters For Forks was formed!

Now is a chance for all of us who have escaped to Forks so many times while reading these books to give something back to show our gratitude.  Just think of what a $2.00 donation from each fan could do for the city of Forks.  Visit the Forks Forum website for all the details on the school and the purpose of Twilighters for Forks and the chance to help donate to this very valuable cause.

If you want to pass on the word on your own message boards or websites, please feel free to copy this post or just link to the TFF main page at the Forks Forum.  The more people spreading the word, the more good we can do to help Forks and to save the High School!

Sincerely, Bella


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