Sneak Peek of Twilight: Director's Notebook
Entertainment Weekly got a sneak peek of Twilight: Director's notebook! But you will need to buy their latest Twilight issue to see the whole exclusive piece. They also talked to Catherine Hardwicke about New Moon, and why she couldn't direct it.

Also, 4TNZ has an article about yesterday's news that Paris Hilton has a crush on Robert Pattinson.

Taryn and Ilana, two Canadian Twilighters, are shocked that there is no Twilight convention set to take place in Canada. So they're taking action and have set up a petition to make a Canadian Twilight convention. To sign the petition and/or find out more, click here or e-mail them at

On ACJ's favorite vampire poll, Edward Cullen is still losing to Count Chocula and Sesame's Street's "The Count!" I know Count Chocula's cereal is yummy, but so is Edward Cullen :) Let's show them what Twilighters can do!

In honor of the release of the Twilight DVD, Walmart has an awesome behind-the-scenes video for the Twilight movie. Click here to see it!

Yahoo! has an article about the open casting call in Vancouver.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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